“Our task in life consists precisely in a form of letting go of fear and expectations, an attempt to purely give oneself to the impact of the present.”

― Michael Pollan


Hi, I’m Gage.

"The Goal Isn't To Be Sober, The Goal Is To Love Yourself
So Much That You Don't Need to Drink."

Since you’re reading this right now, I can be fairly sure of two things:

  1. You want to make a change or feel different than you’re feeling; and
  2. What you’ve been trying so far hasn’t gotten you there.

In the 12-step world, it’s often said that “your best thinking got you here.” While 12-step can be an impactful piece of healing for some people, it’s not the be-all, end-all— and though we all have moments or phases of life where we aren’t making the best decisions, I believe that ultimately you are the expert on you.

Still, going it alone can feel like trying to paddle your canoe through water that’s 4 inches deep; you’ll get there eventually, but not efficiently, and you’ll probably get so frustrated at times that you’ll feel like giving up altogether.

Working with a counselor who’s a good match for you is like putting 4 more feet of water under your canoe, so that when you put in the work, you’re actually getting somewhere without so much struggle.

Whether you’re working on changing your relationship with alcohol or another substance, or navigating a challenging life transition, I’d love to talk with you to see if I’d be a good fit to support you. Reach out via this form, or you can go ahead and schedule an initial session here.

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Regarding COVID-19 (Updated 8/2/20):
I always offer telehealth  as an option for folks who live in New Jersey. (Even aside from the virus, some clients find it more conducive to their schedule than coming into the office. If you have any questions related to safety, or would like to discuss the telehealth vs. in-person options, let’s talk.