“All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them” – William F. Halsey

2020 has disrupted lives in an absurd amount of ways. Anxiety levels are high, each day blends into each other. Even if you are still working; uncertainty around the future of your physical health and loved ones’ wellbeing is too much to bear. “This is a lot for me“.Sometimes not thinking about it is easier.

Even if you were an ‘in control’ casual drinker, the pandemic has created stress, boredom, and fear. All you’ve had is time to drink or smoke. It wasn’t a problem until it was time to readjust to life.

Most of us don’t see a problem coming until it has already hit.

Surprised at how difficult it is to readjust to not using every day?

You’re not alone. The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned life on its head. Don’t minimize how uncomfortable you feel. Addiction is not immediate, let’s stop it before it begins.

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